Culture Shock Training Academy Opening June 1, 2021!

We are thrilled to announce that Culture Shock San Diego will be introducing a new program: Culture Shock Training Academy. Opening June 1,2021 the Training Academy will host a variety of classes, camps and educational series.  Soft opening will feature free classes over Memorial Day weekend.

Look out for more information at
Facebook and Instagram @cultureshocksd

We can’t wait to welcome you home!


Culture Shock® San Diego is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit Hip Hop dance troupe dedicated to innovative performance entertainment, artist development education, and community outreach enrichment. Founded in 1993, Culture Shock® San Diego is the originator of the world-wide network of Culture Shock® International.

Culture Shock® utilizes DANCE to cultivate education, entertainment and empowerment to inspire positive change in the communities we serve.

“We are a troupe of individuals, who through the power of music and dance, cultivate self-worth, dignity, and respect FOR ALL PEOPLE.”

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Culture Shock® is a network of nonprofit dance companies that brings the power and beauty of hip-hop to diverse audiences. Indeed, we offer professional entertainment, dance education, and community enrichment programs.

Our professional troupe provides dancers with rigorous training, paid performance opportunities, and the chance to dance in many high-profile events. The highlight of its season is the creation and performance of a full-length theatrical, which is performed at major venues. Many of Culture Shock’s dancers and alumni grace the stage and screen with their awe-inspiring talent and vision. The tremendous respect this troupe has earned in the arts community nationwide is kept alive by the hard work and dedication of every Culture Shock dancer past and present.

Congratulations to the Culture Shock team for placing 1st at the Leap Day Celebration: Dance Off, put on by The Old Globe’s Department of Arts Engagement. Mini Shock was also a competitor and had the crowd roaring in their support. It was a great day where our San Diego community came together to share, play and dance together.


Culture Shock San Diego consists of four dance troupes. This includes Mini Shock, Mighty Shock, Future Shock and Culture Shock. Dancers and choreographers with various levels of experience and skill benefit from training, rehearsal, and performance opportunities. Auditions are held twice a year for each troupe. In addition, each performs at various venues and events and all take part in an annual nationwide choreographers’ showcase. During this event, Culture Shock dance troupes from around the world convene for a full weekend of performances, training, and community building.